Why Hire a Certified Fire Door Inspector?

Why you need to choose a Certified Fire Door Inspector

It’s time for a fire door inspection. You need to regularly ensure your fire doors are fully functioning and up to strict industry standards. If they aren’t, you could be liable for prosecution, and risk a catastrophe in the event of a fire. We recommend contacting a certified fire door inspector to carry out all checks on fire doors. Here’s why it’s so important to use a certified fire door inspector.

Certified Fire Door Inspectors Have the Expertise

Many years of training and the attainment of formal qualifications can attest to this. Fire door professionals are regularly re-assessed in order to ensure they are up to date with the latest industry developments. When a fire door inspector has accreditations from the FDIS & BM Trada, you know you are hiring someone with the know-how to carry out works in a professional manner.

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Certified Fire Door Inspectors have Access to Greater Resources

When an inspector gains accredited status from the likes of the Fire Door Inspection Service, they immediately benefit from a support network of other fire safety professionals, as well as technical information and updates, best practices and more. All of this feeds through to the client in the form of a greater expertise and knowledge from the inspector.

Legal Compliance

The law states that any person with responsibility for fire safety in a building MUST appoint a competent person or persons to conduct ANY works on fire safety equipment. A competent person is defined as ‘Someone with sufficient training and experience, qualifications and knowledge to be able to implement fire safety measures (some or all) in a building’.

Our governments and fire services recommend that the best way to ensure a person or contractor is ‘competent’ is to look for third party, independent certification – preferable from a UKAS accredited agency.

Fire Doors are Crucial

Fire Doors are a critical part of a building’s defence against fire.  They are specially constructed to resist heat, flames and smoke for the same period of time as the compartment wall they are set in.

If properly installed and maintained, fire doors can be the difference between life and death. They are a central passive fire protection system component and an essential element of the fire safety strategy for every building. If they fail, then the entire fire safety strategy may be compromised and lives put at risk.

Because of this, fire doors need to be inspected at least every six months – more frequently in some circumstances, such as schools and hospitals where they get heavier use and where the occupants may be more vulnerable.

Peace of Mind

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Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fire doors have been inspected by a fully certified specialist. Here at Worksmart, we are registered with two UKAS accredited schemes: The Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) and BM Trada Q Mark.

We regularly undergo reassessment and bi-annual audits of our training and operational processes. These audits also extend to the work we have done on site, including fire door maintenance and installation and passive fire protection installation.

By appointing a certified Fire Door or Passive Fire Protection Specialist you can rest easy knowing you’ve fulfilled your fire safety responsibilities.