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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

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#WorkingSmartWithCovid19 is Worksmart Fire Door Inspections’ plan to get our staff back to work, both in our offices and on-site, in the safest way possible. The health and well-being of our employees and clients is paramount during this time.

Below, we’ve listed the measures we’re taking as a company to ensure the safe return of our employees into our offices and onto our sites.

In order to return to work safely, we are consulting with our external Health & Safety Advisors along with HSE, various construction industry bodies and our own experienced team. We are assessing and scrutinising every aspect of Health & Safety, while developing new procedures and updating old ones.

Office Staff will continue to work efficiently from home and utilise remote technology to engage with one another. When access to the office is necessary, it will be done on a rota basis with only so many staff members being in each zone at a given time.

We will be consulting with key clients, scrutinising and assessing ways in which we can work better. Likewise, we will be engaging with our supply chain on how we can join the dots and create system to ensure the best possible outcomes.

We have conducted a series of online training sessions on the new COVID-19 arrangements with our supervision, management and surveying teams – chaired by our Operations Manager and Health & Safety Consultant.

Our updated Health & Safety documentation will be issued to our clients and their design teams for assessment before being implemented on site. Documents will also be sent to our extended teams & supply chain partners.

All offices (on-site and off) will be fully sprayed and deep-cleaned before staff return. Additional cleaning regimes will be applied and carried out daily. Perspex screens/glazed partitions will also be utilised.

We have developed specific COVID-19 Risk Assessments and Method Statements relating to our inspection activities. When working on live or occupied sites, local procedures will be followed in addition.

New procedures will be undertaken in our offices. These will be similar to site procedures but specifically adapted to the office environments. Measures such as: thinning of work stations, additional cleaning processes, extra hand-san and wash stations, additional signage, desk booking system to work in zones, perspex screens & glazed partitioning will all be introduced where necessary.

Temperature checks will be conducted using contactless infra-red thermometers to ascertain who should self-isolate. This will be supported by COVID-19 posters to inform everyone before they come on site, enter the office, or use welfare and rest facilities.

Staff travel arrangements have been adapted in line with government advice.

Where possible, we will reduce the number of visits to each site with a flexible working approach and extended shifts.

We will make greater use of remote technology to conduct meetings, including sharing of video and images, rather than meeting on site.

We will continually challenge ourselves and our supply chain on how we can work better and safer. We will assess the daily updates from the Government and HSE along with construction bodies to make improvements where possible.

We will work closely with our clients and their design teams to assess safer ways of working within their buildings. We will be innovative in our thinking to adapt successfully to the new normal.

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