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Worksmart Fire Door Inspection are delighted to launch our Fire Door Planned Preventative Maintenance (FDPPM) service to our clients and partners across Scotland and the UK.

Ensuring your fire doors remain compliant at all times is crucial when it comes to an effective Passive Fire Protection strategy. Your fire doors must be inspected on a regular basis in order to ensure there are no faults and that they will function correctly in the event of a fire.

We find that many Duty Holders don’t have any kind of maintenance plan in place when it comes to fire doors, or that they don’t understand all the criteria and standards that apply. The result is that the majority of fire doors we inspect are not fit for purpose and have to be condemned.

To help combat this, we are now offering a Fire Door Planned Preventative Maintenance (FDPPM) service to our clients.

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What is Fire Door Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Planned Preventative Maintenance, also commonly known as PPM, is a regular feature of many building management regimes and is used to maintain the property in a functional state. Within these PPM regimes individual elements will, necessarily, be contracted out to specialists and fire safety equipment falls within this scope.

Unfortunately, fire doors are often disregarded in this respect, being seen as standard joinery items instead. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fire doors are complex component systems that must be properly installed and maintained to ensure that the components always perform as intended and that the gaps and fire stopping characteristics of the door are not compromised. These doors MUST resist the passage of fire and smoke for as long as the compartment wall they are set within and the tolerances for correct performance are, therefore, very fine.

Being doors, of course, they are in constant use and are subject to wear and tear, damage and component fatigue – all of which can develop slowly and inobtrusively – leaving the door incapable of resisting fire and smoke for the required period.

Worksmart FDPPM

By allowing Worksmart Fire Door Inspection to carry out the Planned Preventative Maintenance on your fire doors, you will be carrying out your statuary obligations as a Duty Holder, landlord, ‘responsible person’ or building owner.  

Once an inspection is carried out by Worksmart Fire Door Inspection’s fully certified inspectors, any necessary maintenance work can be handled immediately where required. By using our FDPPM service, you will ensure your fire doors are functioning and compliant at all times.  

Benefits of FDPPM  

  • Set monthly fee 
  • Inspections carried out by certified professional
  • BM Trada certified inspectors comply with strict industry standards 
  • Access to exclusive Worksmart FDI app displaying information on all your fire doors 
  • Full record of all inspections and findings 
  • Responsible person/duty holder/landlord/building owner will comply with their legal responsibilities  
  • Optional digital tracking of each door to aid management and compliance.